Thursday, July 9, 2015

CAVS Biogas Project

An outlook of the completed College Biogas Dome from above 
The above refereed project started in earnest on Friday13th March, 2015 after a colorful ceremony to hand over the site to the contracting firm, Pharma Consulting Engineers, witnessed by the CAVS and Ministry of Energy and Petroleum officials. The contract was signed between the Ministry and the Contracting firm on 5th March 2015. The contract sum is KES 7.5 million and construction will take 20 weeks and an additional 8 weeks of system testing.
The work has progressed well with the following accomplished to date.
1.   Digester and expansion chamber construction completed
2.   Gas pipe line of 1.3 km in length excavated, laid and backfilled to the right compaction.
3.   Seven water condensation traps put in place to collect vapour that would otherwise impede gas flow to the kitchen.
4.   Channel to direct cow dung to mixing chamber for ease of collection and channel to direct bio-slurry to the nearby farm.
5.   Biogas bag , compressor, desulfulizer, 4- 50 litre cook stoves and two gas meters procured in readiness for installation once gas build up is witnessed and possible leakages eliminated completely.
6.   Biogas bag enclosure completed, though anticipated to provide a shelter

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